Design Samples of Equipment

1. Standard Dispersion Machine, 45KW, 2500ltr/min., gap 0,35mm
2. Movable Standard Dispersion Machine, 30KW, 1800ltr/min., gap 0,35mm, Frequency Inverter and simple Thermo-Syphon    with integrated Pump (Cooling of Mech. Seal)
3. Simple Laboratory Vacuum Mixing Plant, 200ltr. with Wax-Melting Vessel
4. High Advanced Vacuum Mixing Plant
5. Vacuum Mixing Plant with Wax-Melter, two Storagetanks
6. Vacuum Mixing Plant with Wax-Melter, two Storagetanks
7. 3D Plant Layout, Conceptional Design of Vacuum Mixing Plants

Clean Design:

8. Material Handling: Balcony, as handover of paletts from Weighing Room to Making Room
9. Cable Pipe, Clean Design; Complex Agitator Design:
10. Scraper Agitator and Counter Rotating Agitators

Other Agitators:

11. Propeller Type, Disolver, Beam Agitator, etc.

Tank Entry:

Top entry or bottom entry

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