Company Profile

Lexa-Mix was founded in 2002. The owner and managing director, Axel Wittek, has 30 years of experience in managing international equipment manufacturing companies, which among others, supplied the cosmetic industry. A number of patents have been developed, mainly on transformations in relation with dispersion machines.

Over the years, we can look back to about 800 batches of cosmetic products made at customers' plants or with our laboratory machines.

To do business in a competitive world, it is important to have a high level of technology combined with a practical approach, and to understand where the industry we serve is moving and to be a step ahead.

We understand that our customers have to watch their investments in respect of investing into flexible machines and plants, as well doing it cost effectively. We have therefore set our operation company as a consortium of highly skilled members from around the world. This makes us a very slim operation which provide its services and design very cost effectively.

Within Lexa Mix there are two main business lines:

Lexa-Mix Invention Limited Co. KEG, in Austria

  • sells licenses for equipment, like dispersion machines

Lexa-Mix Dispersion Systems, Axel Wittek, in Germany
  • provides services as described on this website


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